Gustavus Referral Scholarship

    Recommend high school students who you think would make great Gusties!

    You play an invaluable role in the recruitment of future generations of Gusties, and we are incredibly grateful that you think so highly of Gustavus as to recommend the College to others!

    The Gustavus Referral Scholarship program allows you to nominate a high school freshman, sophomore, junior or senior for a $1000 per year scholarship if they:
    • apply by November 1 of their senior year;
    • are admitted to Gustavus; and,
    • choose to attend by the May 1 deadline.
    Also, please note that:
    • Scholarships cannot be granted retroactively for this program, so please make your referral of high school seniors by November 1. You can refer any other student at any time.
    • Students not applying for admission in the current year will be added to our database and awarded the Gustavus Referral Scholarship if they apply and meet the admission criteria in their senior year.
    • Students with immediate family members who have graduated from Gustavus are not eligible for the Gustavus Referral Scholarship, but will instead be automatically awarded the Gustavus Legacy Scholarship.
    • Students are only eligible for one Gustavus Referral Scholarship.
    Thank you again for helping us shape the future of Gustavus and find the best and brightest young people to join our community. Go Gusties!